• Michael "Mo" Overstreet

    Flagging SCCA Pro Events

    Found on a FaceBook posting:

    "There has been an update made to the inclusion of pro events for VIP. It has been clarified the VIP program only allows for one Pro event to be included per year. For this reason, the pro events will no longer show up online to be included for VIP days. If this is your one event, then we would be happy to add it for you..."

    I responded to the FB posting with:

    "I get enough SCCA days worked "credits" per year to satisfy the SCCA membership reduction without counting the Pro Days, and I DO APPRECIATE that incentive. I just wish it went further (some astronomical number of days worked), to the point of free annual membership, that would be a great incentive for more folk to come out .... IMHO.
    I like the "record" of where I've been and what I've done on my "volunteer participation" record.
    As for the "paid" days, I've always said they really can't pay us enough/day for what we do !!!! ALL contributions are greatly appreciated !

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    • John F. Schrader

      I agree.  I don't really need any kind of incentive to volunteer, but it is nice to have a centralized record of events you have worked.  It should be easy to add pro events or events sponsored by others than SCCA (such as USAC) to the list or even provide an open field in which you can enter the track, event, dates and days worked, especailly when working outside your usual region.  For example, I live in Indiana, but can volunteer to work Indy at Sonoma, but no one there knows what level of prior experience I have locally.  Shared info is good info.

    • Robert Unit 123 Crenshaw

      If you hold a national license that should be enough regarding your experience.

    • Robert Brookfield

      That ain't necessarily so.  In a small region one can get bumped up the ladder so as to have a National license available to chief an event.  Doesn't necessarily mean they are that good on a corner but could be a good administrator/organizer.