• Steve B.

    SCCA membership confirmation?

    I took advantage of the new members offer when buying tickets for the SCCA Run-Offs at Daytona. I joined the SCCA and purchased my presale tickets. I got an email with my order confirmation and my membership confirmation. I have been expecting my real membership card and my issues of Sports Car to start coming but so far I have not received either.

    What is the expected timeline for new members before receiving these items? I just want to make sure that there has not been a snafu of some kind. Thanks.



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    • Adekunle I.

      the forum is active may be you did not post this in a correct section i think, my first time here too.

    • Steve B.

      This is certainly not a very active forum is it? I have contacted Membership by email and they have no record of me purchasing the membership along with my pre-sale tickets to the Run-Offs. I am not providing them with copies of banks statements showing the transaction. Hopefully, this can be resolved.