• Angelina J.

    Should high school and middle school be mixed together?

    The high school and middle school campus are normally combined together for classes 7th grade to 12th grade. I personally believe that high school and middle school should not be mixed together. It is just because of the high school and middle school both are administrated by single management so it would be much difficult for them to manage the school activities effectively and efficiently. Normally, it has been seen that were high and middle school mixed so management of the school is always in search of cost-cutting and always keep their focus on maximizing the profitability. It is the only reason that such school hires those teachers who are a jack of all trades and can teach both to the high school students and middle school students in one salary. Because of it the workload of the teacher's increases and they never focus on their teachings effectively. Due to it children always face issues in their studies and always found chewing their nails when they assigned homework so they will always seek the help of pay someone to do your assignment who can deliver them their assignments within few hours. But it is not a solution to the problem. School management should need to think about it and segregate the middle school and high school and hires teachers for high school as well who are expert in a relevant subject. By doing so, they can be able to provide top-notch education to their students and contributes a lot in the economic development of the country as well.

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