• Edward J Forrest Jr.

    Let's Talk About 12V Batteries

    So...the battery on the SLK dies.   It's not driven much...maybe once or twice a week.   This is the original battery that came with the car.  It worked this way for about 5 years.

    I head to a well-known specialty store.  After about a year, the darned thing is dead again.  I charge it and it works.  Then it dies.  Charge it; it dies. Finally, I take the thing back...there MUST be some warranty. 

    The counter-guy grabs a $3.99 volt meter and announces that since it has 7.1 volts...I abused the battery.  No Warranty.

    What say you?

    a.) Yep, the last hit of the starter likely dropped the thing to 7.1 Volts.

    b.) I contend the battery should have been charged by the store and then 'stress tested'.   Nope, I abused a one year battery.  (By the way, this thing was $140.00)

    c.) Finally,  I cave and buy a new battery to replace the abused one!   The counter person suggested I also buy a $39.95 battery tender.

    1.) What say you?  Should a battery...new battery...in a car that only gets a day or so use...have a battery tender?  Suggestions if I take the thing to an airport parking lot?


    What's going on?   ed

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