• Alejandro  C.

    I want to join but I have some questions

     Hello everybody, I’m 32 years old and I’m from Colorado. I’m looking forward to join the club but I’m interested mainly in SOLO or Autocross, so my question is, besides the SCCA membership do I need to pay some for some sort of license to be able to participate mainly on the SOLO track events? 

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    • Cedrick B.

      Did you ever join? I'm looking to do the same. 

    • Chris Robbins

      Bob, everything you want to do can now be done on the online Member Account Portal! Go to the top of this web page and click "JOIN SCCA/RENEW" on the right side of the top ribbon. Using your Member ID (number), choose "Forgot your password" to reset it (this new site is not the same nor connected to this web page), and you're in! You can manage your membership, personal information, add or change your photo that appears on your membership card, update your licenses, and select your Region of Record and add other regions as well!

    • Bob Lindsay

      Hi, I need to renew my membership, which expires May 31.  However I can't seem to change my dual membership with Milwaukee Region, and stay with Chicago Region only.  Where do I go on the web page to update region affiliations?


      Thank you,

      Bob Lindsay

      SCCA #296057

      Chicago Region



    • Chris Robbins

      Your profile on this website is NOT connected to your membership data. Click on "JOIN SCCA/RENEW" on the top right of the above ribbon, use your Member ID (number), click "Forgot your password" and reset it. You'll now be in the new Member Account Portal (MAP) which IS your membership data. There, you'll be able to update your picture (as it will appear on your member card, unlike the pic on your website profile), all of your official contact information, your saved payment info, your licenses, your VIP, and so much more. You can now join the SCCA and easily renew your membership online, and even rejoin online if you let your membership lapse! All of this and more, plus it's MOBILE FRIENDLY!!! As always, if you have any struggles, please don't hesitate to email membership@scca.com or call Member Services at 1-800-770-2055.

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    • korim K.


    • Andrea Wolfe

      Hey Alejandro, Solo and most track events do not require a license. In fact, you can participate at autocrosses without a full membership, and your first couple weekend memberships give you credits towards your full membership once you're sure you're ready to join. If you have any questions about membership, feel free to reach out to me directly: aalbin@scca.com.