• Emily Jenkins

    VIP Volunteer Incentive Program tips

    We are considering starting a VIP or Volunteer Incentive Program in our region / division. I am wondering if there are ideas for managing this in a smaller region division. We could have up to 300-700 or so possible workers to track their volunteer efforts but have limited resources. Are there things that other regions do that are cost effective, low maintenance or easy to manage that work really well, or even things that did not work (and why)? I notice there is a place for self reporting in the membership account section of scca.com but the incorrect date format in each field seems to have rendered it useless. We discussed managing an excel spreadsheet but are concerned about possible clerical errors and permissions and accessibility. We have not explored msreg as an option in entirety yet. Not sure of its capabilities at this point.

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    • Christopher A.

      What are the VIP program tips? is it helpful to make the volunteer from the considering ones. I know you are wondering to manage the small region. The virtual assistance skills help you in it to get out of from the wondering condition. Technology in education makes big change towards the thinking of the student and produce a great site with the limited resource. 

    • Nelson L.

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