• Douglas K.

    Car Class Question Fiat 500e

    I see there is a current post about whether there are too many classifications. My dilemma is that I can't find any class for my car.

    As electric vehicles become more popular, we can hope to see different cars at many SCCA events. But when I went to classify my Fiat 500e, I was met with no class. 

    The Fiat 500 is excluded due to "reasons of stability" under the rules. But the Fiat 500 Abarth is allowed and placed in the Street HS class. Stability is an interesting question, and I do wonder how it is assessed. The 500e has a 600+ lb. battery pack a foot above the ground. The 500e is certainly not a base 500. The car can't roll due to the battery pack.

    In fact, Car&Driver concluded in a comparison of electric cars that "The 500e was quickest through the slalom thanks to its racier Firestone tires, fast steering, and tight roll control." 

    So where should the 500e be placed? In Street HS? Any ideas?

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