• Ben C.

    Professional driving

    Is there a chance of moving from the SCCA to a professional racing league?


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    • zachoryc d.

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    • Hasan Shah

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    • Paul Nielsen

      I am by no means an expert, but I did research this in 2017.  If you go to the major racing sanctioning bodies most have a portal for competitors.  In there you find the license requirements and applications etc.  You will also see ads posted by teams wanting drivers.  Seems pretty straight forward until you see the "Full Funded" in the ad.  YOU have to pay large sums of money to drive the car.  These costs cover crew, car, etc., etc...  I even went as far as calling a couple of teams to discuss this and they were all very nice and informative.  The only way I have found would be to purchase a car that meets the rules, create the necessary team and support staff and find sponsorship, unless you make the coin to cover the driver fees.  That is what I have learned so far, but I will watch this thread to see what others have to say.  Who knows, maybe we will both learn something!  Good Luck!!!!