• Michel Strickland


    Andie Albin and Gordon Jones,

    Every day I seek out a hero.  I don't always find one.  In my military days it was almost always a time of sadness when someone acted heroically as it usually meant we were engaged in combat and everybody always gets hurt in combat.  Some have wounds which will be bittersweet "scar stories" one day, but everyone gets wounded somewhere in their mind and will never have outward appearing scars, but will be forever scarred in some way.

    In our civilian world, I don't expect to see anyone leap on a grenade to save their buddies from the explosion.  Heros in civilian life are much more fun to find and to point out to others.

    I found two heros yesterday!  One hero left a message for me to read.  Now, to some that may not seem very heroic, but it was done above and beyond the call of duty and saved a buddy!  The other hero also acted above and beyond the call of duty by driving up here to share his talent and knowledge with me which also saved a buddy!

    So I want others to know that Andie Albin and Gordon Jones both met my definition of a hero in civilian life yesterday and they both have my heartfelt thanks for looking out for a buddy and saving me from myself.  That is why this is a club and not just some loose knit organization where everyone knows more about the limitations of their job description than they know how to genuinely interact with others so all benefit.

    Andie, Gordon, I thank you for making my search for heroes such a happy experience for me!  Thank you both!

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