• Michael P.

    Roll Bar rules or smoke up my....

    Hi:  I have been told (unofficially) my 2005 Viper SRT10 roadster that has factory intstalled (not an option, all Vipers have them) rollbars, must have addtional rollbars as the Mopar factory rollbars are not sufficient.  I find this hard to believe.  Especially considering I have been on Nashville Superpeadway with my Viper going well over 160MPH with a Skip Barber pro-driver in the passenger seat.  Why is my Viper's factory rollbars good enough for Nashhville and not good enough for the new Whiskey Hill track in Palmer, MA?  Does this sound right to you or is someone blow smoke up my behind?  Your feedback will be appreaciated.  Thank you.

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