• jcfay

    full or open face helmet?

    Hi folks - a newb here, done a few road courses with AMG and loved it, and am considering a variety of future types of racing (closed/open wheel, etc.).  I'm thinking I should get a full face helmet, looks like Snell 2010+, rather than open face?  Do any tracks routinely require closed face helmets for events other than open wheel races?

    Thanks much - Jon

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    • Bruce Funderburg

      Got to be Snell 2010 or 2015.  No requirement for open vs full face.  But full face is much safer.  I wouldn't even consider a open face helmet for an open cockpit car.  Even with a tin top, flipping down your face shield can provide valuable extra protection from a fire.  Plus given we have to run windows down, sometimes you get a distracting sideways airflow/buffeting that flipping your visor closed can fix.


      If you buy a 2015, that helmet will be with you for a while.  Getting a full face helmet will help prevent you from "outgrowing" it if you move to a more serious car.

    • Erickem

      same problem! anyone else here? please help me. Thanks.



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