• Phillip Ryan Conaway

    Bracket Enduro Rules Question

    I was reading over the CRE that is used for Bracket Enduro (which is really simple in and of itself) and I go to the section about "Supplemental Regulations." Item "2.c" in that section says that cars must adhere to Safety Rules in 9.3 of the GCR except 9.3.19G, 9.3.20C, and 9.4. All fine and good, but then the CRE goes on to say that those rules are re-implemented.

    Am I reading this part of the CRE incorrectly? It seems to be contradicting itself. Can anyone clarify, or point me to a more comphrensive rule set for Bracket Enduro? 

    As I understand it, all drivers must have the same attire required for Club Racing (helment, suit, neck restraints) and the car must meet all safety features listed in GCR 9.3 and 9.4.

    I hope my question makes sense; let me know if I'm not being clear. I'm in process of prepping a car for Bracket Enduro and want to be sure I'm meeting all requirements.

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