• Skip Loofboro

    Brand New to SCCA

    I just joined the SCCA recnetly.  I live in NE Wisconsin, fairly near Road America.  I am interested in what is required to become a corner worker or other volunteer at SCCA events at Road America?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.



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    • Skip Loofboro

      I want to volunteer for Friday, June 17th, at Road America June Sprints.  I already had plans for being at the track for June 18 and 19.  I am willing to do anything that needs doing that I am capable of.  I am not sure what I specifically need to do to be a volunteer.  Do I just show up on Friday morning or what?  I do appreciate the responses I've gotten.  The encouragement is wonderful!  I'm just not sure what exactly I need to do.

      I emailed one of the Milwaukee region adminstrators to see about volunteering but have not heard back yet.  I know the June Sprints are run by the Chicago region but I'm not sure what difference that makes.  I really want to get involved.

      Again, thanks for the encouragement.

    • Sara J Brookfield

      Over your first year or so try as many specialties as you can.  F&C can always use help at any track to which you may go.  But make sure you have rain gear.  Rain can pop up at any time.  At Registration you will get to meet drivers, crew members, and workers in other specialties.  And help here is most needed on Friday eves (before racing begins), after which you can boogie off to another specialty.  T&S is a good place to learn a few things.  Especially computer work on races.  Pit, Grid, EV are other areas that can use a good hand.  Doing the various specialties gives you a greater appreciation for what your compadres in these specialties do.  And they can also be fun.  The next big thing to do is to go out of region.  Go to other tracks in your division and elsewhere.  I've worked from New Hampshire in the east to Elkhart in the west, north to Mosport in Canada and south to Roebling Road as well as about every circuit in between.  You will meet other folks, see what they do, and learn from it.  But whatever you choose to do, remember to be careful and have fun.  Working races in any capacity is a gas.

    • Lois Petersen

      Hi Skip,

      It looks like you would be a part of the Milwaukee Region.  Here is a link to their contact list: http://www.scca-milwaukee.org/personnel/personnel.html.  Scroll down almost to the bottom of the page for the Region Administrators (i.e.: Specialty Administrators).

      My recommendation [based on my 26+ years as a volunteer] would be to start in Tech - it's a great place to start as a volunteer.  You'll learn alot about the cars that will be useful for flagging [assuming that you want to try that specialty too].  The Milwaukee Region people are wonderful and I'm sure they would welcome you with open arms.  Good luck and have fun!  LKPetersen

    • Skip Loofboro

      Thanks for the reply, Lois.  I will be emailing Dennis Troemel, the Tech Inspection administrator for the Milwaukee region.  I guess I thought there would be a lot of technical/specific car knowledgw needed to be a 'tech inspector'.  I am always happy to learn anything about cars and racing.  Thanks again!

    • Curtis Beiersdorf

      I just had my first Rally Cross event yesterday...I worked during the first heat as an assistant in corner 2...Having the cars speed by me was thrilling and picking up the cones before the next car came through was intense...Cant wait for more to come.

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