• Bob Buxbaum

    SCCA site and member renewal

    The site continues to be laughable. I received both postal and e-mail notice for renewal. I wanted to renew on line. On the e-mail there is a link, and it simply goes to the SCCA. The e-mail offers no real way to renew online. 

    "Renew today: SCCA.com. If you prefer to renew by mail, a renewal packet will arrive in about a week". So, where/how does one renew on line?

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    • Jmurf28

      Again the renew function is not working. Why is it so hard to enter number, renew and collect money. So dumb

    • Bob Buxbaum

      I doubt that anyone is paying attention to the site. Certainly not the forums.

    • shawn j.

      I have recently started a blog, the info you provide on this site has helped me greatly.

    • Dagober

      You can also use that site to find events in your area.

    • Bob Buxbaum

      It is almost useless using this forum for much of anything. SCCA has a Facebook page. It is better. 


      One very good source for finding SCCA events is Motorsportreg.com. Also, you can poke around on tge SCCA web site, but it can be rather frustrating. 


    • Bob Buxbaum

      Spoke with Membership at Topeka. Bluntly, they seem not to care and the on line issues of renewal. "We can do it over the phone", which does NOT address the underlying issue.

      S.C.C.A. == Simply Can't Change Anything. 

      NOT a user friendly web site, and really never has been. 

    • Samir Mohan

      Can't renew my membership; renewal page is unavailable. Money is escaping, admins!

    • Bob Buxbaum


      That's IT??? Care to add a bit? 

    • Bob Buxbaum

      Hard to be happy with the site. It clearly is an advertising platform rather than a user friendly asset for SCCA members. Eddie's experience of having to use an end run (via social media) is just not acceptable. Sorry, but is as it is. 


      BTW, taking registration for SCCA events off of MSR takes away that asset for visibility. Oh well. 

    • Troy Brown

      luckily i was able to find a pathway to online renewal and successfully renewed my membership. i assume a new membership card will be sent out now. 

      My issue is that i have moved since i set up my membership, so the address on file is no longer my current address. Apparently the site will not allow me to edit my address information without entering my gender and a birthdate? Unfortunately, everytime I enter my information and click "update profile", it highlights the birthdate in RED and says it is "required". Re-entering my birthdate (or any other date) doesnt seem to stick, thus I am unable to update my address to receive my new card.

      Has anyone else ran into this issue, and/or found a way around it? Sorry I didnt create a new thread just for this question, but thanks in advance.

    • Bob Buxbaum

      Eddie, you and I seem to be in agreement. The site is neither user friendly nor intuitive at all. The folks at Topeka should see how little the forum is used to get a clue how little assets are utilized. Sort of like the Nissan LeMans prototype --- all shoe, no go.

    • Eddie Garrison

      I actually had/have the same issues for renewing my membership as well. I reached out on social media and they got back with me via email. They said they are working on the issue and will have it resolved as soon as their webmaster returns from personal time away.

      I am not sure if this an overall site issue or certain profile issues. It seems that many are having issues with this right now though. Hopefully they have it resolced soon.

    • Brian R Holmes

      I am looking for that same information. When you click on Join SCCA (Since there is no renew button) and choose your package it tells you on the form if you are renewing log in and you can renew. Um no really you can't... if someone can post the super secret way to renew on line a lot of us would be very thankful!!

    • Bob Buxbaum

      I found out where it is. It took awhile. 

      1) Click on your name in the upper right area of the home page (assuming that you logged on).

      2) On the drop down menu, there will be a list of options. Select "Profile Page". 

      3) The upper left hand block says "SCCA Membership".

      4) Click "Renew Membership". 

      They do not make it easy, and it is hardly intuitive. 

    • Marinus Damm

      I tried this and I get an error that I do not have permission to access the page.  We've moved and I don't have a paper renewal form to send in.  This is really harder than it needs to be.

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    • Eddie Garrison

      See, that option does not exist under my Profile Page. All I can see is the option that says SCCA Membership wth no other buttons or options available.


      I will wait to see what the webmaster from SCCA says, hpefully sooner rather than later. My membership is up in June.

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