• Ira Ferguson III

    Chasing the tail of the dragon

    planning to go this year. 

    Anbody else? Any advice? Be my first hill climb and have no idea what expect. Logistics? Paddock? Space?



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    • Johnathan Oscar Burchardt

      I went earlier this year while visiting family in Georgia. I went there as a day trip. If you book a room at the hotel they have some space for trailors. Regular cars are on it every day so as long as your's is mechanically sound you'll have a blast. If I remember correctly the speed limit was around 45 mph and there were two cops out that day. From what I understand their numbers and location changes regularly. But with how curvey everything is you really don't need to go much faster to have a lot of fun, its like a ten minute Autocross. You'll be sticking to the lower gears for most of it.