• Gene Tarantino

    Solo Vehicle Requirements

    So I just joined SCCA and want to run solo, we have a 1979 pontiac Trans Am and it seems unclear whether it is legal for solo... Any one have any information? I have and am in process of doing modifications to the car...

    Thanks in advance.

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    • Michael Gregory Hastings

      to be legal it really only has to pass a few basic safety items. 

      seatbelts must be in working order

      nothing loose in the car, no floor mats, trash, cds, ect. but that can all be removed on site. 

      battery must be tied down, either with a factory or after market tie down. This is the #1 thing in solo that gets hit at the tech inspection.

      make sure there are no loose or broken suspension pieces. aslo make sure the brakes are properly adjusted and in good shape.

      no major fluid leaks. we all know that cars will leak, especially old ones. but they shouldnt leave a puddle after sitting for 10 minutes in the same spot. 

      that is pretty much what constitues a regional tech inspection. just basic maintenance stuff that should be done anyway. ( except the floor mat thing ). beyond that you need a helmet to compete, but most regions will have loaners available. from there it's finding out what class you belong in based on make/model/trim and any modifications.

    • Gene Tarantino

      Thanks for the answer.

       Much appreciated. I have raced quarter mile Sac Raceway years ago and since we don't have any tracks close by Carson City this looks like a lot of fun!

    • Michael Gregory Hastings

      You'll enjoy it. Its a whole world different from drag racing. about the only thing that crosses over is needing a helmet. Be sure to get together with someone at your event that has been autocrossing for a while. Pretty much everyone is more than willing to help out, you only need to ask. I'd also suggest having a veteran autocrosser ride along with you for your first couple of runs. They can help you learn to read the cones and keep on course. 

      a set up pointer that ive seen be a difficulty with guys in my region that used to drag race. You want ample tire pressure. If you're running street tires, you'll want 40 ish psi at all four corners as a starting point and adjust from there. I've watched guys putting 12-15 psi in their tires for a good launch, and they end up breaking the bead on the tire and peeling the tire of the rim in the first corner. R-compounds tend to need a bit less.. usually in the 35 psi range. 

    • Charles Wright

      For Solo you will be legal for some class if you and your car have the appropriate safety requirements.  Things like seat belts, helmet, secure battery, etc.

      What makes you think it is not legal?

    • Gene Tarantino

      Hi thanks for the answer... Car has all that stuff, its just I'm adding some modifications, (sub frame connectors, gears...etc.) The engine is basically stock until the replacement is built so I didn't know if they had to be completely stock or what since I can't really find any "rules" on the solo race yet, but I'm looking!

      Thanks again


    • Charles Wright

      Look here:  rules.


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