• Broncin68

    Classic mini build need help with class

    Good day everyone, I am in the process of building myself a 64 Mini. I am building it as an autocross car and a weekend cruiser. As is, it is a rolling chassis about 90% complete in parts. Most the parts are aftermarket performance. I have been reading the classes and am not quite sure where I will fit in. I am assuming because of the majority of the parts received with it I will have to sit more towards street modified, though I am not sure because of its factory weights. Factory it is 1380lbs. for example it is not a type S model however it has a type S 1275cc engine. I very little of the factory interior components so it will be aftermarket seats, sub frames have been upgraded. Any advice will be helpful towards classes and in general.


    Thank you

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    • Collin Eric Moore

      Check out the Heritage Classics rules set! Also join the Facebook page titled Heritage Classics. It is a new class, has a passionate following and only fell one or two drivers short of provisional status at Solo Nationals this past September. Generally the rules set follows the old GP rules which can be found with a quick Google search. Also, talk with Rocky Entriken as this is kinda his baby/pet project!

    • Broncin68

      thank you, i will look into it.