• Kyle B.

    New to Rallycross

    Hello. I am starting a career in racing, specifically rallycross. Currently I am in the planning phase of my career. I have yet to buy a car but I am looking for a newer Subaru WRX STI. Does anyone have any advice for newcomers about buying a car, where to look for training, and that kind of stuff? I don’t know anyone with any rally experience so I'm on my own at this point. Any help is appreciated.


         Thank you in advance,


                                             PFC Baker, Kyle

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    • Mark Macoubrie


      First,  Thanks you for your service of this great country.  I sincerly appreciate all you and the miltary does to keep us safe and free.

      Sorry I missed this post.  I do not come to this section very often.  There is another section just for RallyCross you may want to check out.  Not sure what part of the country you are in but a lot of the SCCA regions have a RallyCross program.  I own a 2005 STI and the way I started was going to a local event.  They are typically a great place to learn and experience RallyCross first hand.  The cost is typically fairly low for the entry fee (less than $50) an the people I have encountered are friendly and passionate about racing just like you and I.  You can bring your daily driver if you want to try it out assuming you do not drive a high end sports car with no clearance or a high profile vehicle that will tip over. 

      Also, read through the rules to know what the sport is about and what class your car will be placed in.

      As for buying a car it depends on what you want to accomplish.  If you are getting a dedicated car for racing you may want to start with something inexpensive to start wtih.  If you using the RallyX car as a daily driver like I do you may want t get something more dependable.

      After your first event you will get a better feal the sport.  You will also have a chance to talk to others in the sport about their experiences and suggestions they may have.  If you live in region where winter means snow and ice and you have a set of snow tires, make sure you bring them along for some better traction.


      I am excited for you just starting out.  I got hooked after my first event.