• Eric M.

    Modified TDI (Diesel)

    Where would a highly modified 2004 VW Jetta TDI fit in classification wise?

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    • Eric M.

      My concern with road racing is how "dangerous" is it for bumping or making contact? Because right now I plan on doing some HPDE close to home like Road America and Autobahn Country Club. I'm not into having to worry about repairing the outside of the car... I'm in the process of adding an Autopower weld in 6 point roll cage.

    • Phillip N Ellis

      Eric,  Are you talking road racing or autocross?  If road racing, check out the GCR rules for the STU class.  There was a TDI that raced in that class but I would still think your modifications would be to extensive.

    • Eric M.

      Yeah, I picked up a R32 with a TDI swap, so I'm going to make that my track toy now. :)

    • Doug Gill

      Changing from  FWD to AWD is a game changer. Looks like it's eligible for SM (not SMF), XP (not EP), and EM. However, in SM, you can't relocate suspension mounting points on the chassis.

    • Doug Gill

      What does "highly modified" mean? It may be eligible for FSP, SMF, EP, or EM.

      FSP and SMF should have road-going equipment (lights, wipers, etc.) and interiors; EP and EM can or cannot have those items removed.

      FSP and EP have some engine mod restrictions; SMF and EM don't.

      Details on specific mods that have been made could help.


      Solo Competition Manager


    • Eric M.

      Here's the list of mods.

      - KW V3 Coilover Kit
      - KW sport camber plates with competition alloy top mounts
      - CPP Rear adjustable control arms, Stainless steel, TOP&BOTTOM
      - Front Autotech ClubSport 25mm hollow sway bar
      - Rear Neuspeed Race Series 25mm hollow anti-sway bar
      - S3 Front strut tower brace
      - New front lower control arms with spherical joints

      - Brembo GT Front Big Brake kit 355x32 6 piston with slotted rotors
      - ECS Tuning Rear Stage 1 Upgrade kit 308x22 with slotted rotors

      - HPA/Sach sport clutch
      - Front Wavetrac Differential

      - Rear Peloquin Differential
      - HPA Competition Haldex controller (Orange)
      - HPA short shifter

      - McNally two-way gauges


      - BHW block bored to 81.5.

      - Mahle Pistons

      - PD 150 ARL crank

      - Rosten rods

      - PD 150 ARL head, ported and flowbenched

      - BEW injectors with FIRAD +80% nozzles.

      - GTB 2260VK turbo

      - S3 intercooler, PD 150 euro radiator carrier.

      - Darkside Developments hard-pipe kit

      - Stage 3 Colt cam.

      - Cryogenic treatment of all engine parts by 300 Below

      - Custom headstuds by Matt Whitbread



      - European 4 motion TDI trans sourced by Fran

      - Wavetrac differential with steel shifter forks.