Date: February 17, 2024

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Rocky Mountain Division Convention   
Saturday, February 17, 2024      
Virtual Event

Join us for an engaging and informative day at the 2024 Rocky Mountain Division Virtual Convention. This online event brings together experts and enthusiasts from various motor racing disciplines. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the racing community, this convention promises a wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities. We'll reflect on our achievements in motorsports over the past year and look toward growing the Club and our Competition Programs in 2024, including general sessions on Solo, Time Trials, RallyCross, Road Racing, and Women on Track, and breakout sessions for Scrutineers, Stewards, and Hybrid/Combo events.

Registration and Participation Details: Registered attendees will receive login information to join their chosen sessions.

Recommendation: For the best experience, use a PC or laptop with an active camera and microphone. Participation via phone or smartphone is also feasible.

This convention is designed to share information and solutions to the common questions and challenges in the racing community. It’s an excellent opportunity for knowledge exchange, networking, and enhancing your racing strategies and skills. Join us for an inspiring day of learning and connection in the world of motor racing, and, like the SCCA National Convention, this one is 100% FREE!

Session Descriptions

RMDiv Convention Kickoff “Opening Remarks” General Session - 8:30-9:55am

Kicking off a day of growth and celebration, the 2024 SCCA Rocky Mountain Divisional Virtual Convention builds on the success of this year's National Convention "GROW" theme to commemorate the SCCA's 80th anniversary and our RMDiv Region’s successes! We'll reflect on our achievements in motorsports over the past year and look toward growing the Club and our Competition Programs in 2024.

Clay Turner, SCCA Area 8 Director
Mike Cobb, SCCA President/CEO
Arnie Coleman, SCCA Foundation
Chris Robbins, SCCA Director of Region Development

Growing Solo General Session - 10:00-10:55am

Join us for a rich discussion around the future of SCCA Solo, the largest competition program in terms of participation and number of events in the Club. We’ll discuss site acquisition, Club Spec, best practices for marketing and running your events, and review areas for continued education/improvement with a focus on course design & safety considerations. We’ll end with a Question/Answer session with the Solo Chairs and National Staff.

Rick Myers, SCCA Director of Rally/Solo
Seth Feuerborn, Eastern Idaho RE
Chelsea Tattershall & Jeff Hugo, Rocky Mountain Solo Chairs

Growing Road Racing General Session - 11:00-11:55am

With continued success for events that group SCCA events together – no matter what we call them: mash ups, combos, hybrids, or “all things SCCA” weekends – they have proven to benefit Regions and events needing a boost. In this session, you’ll be brought up to speed on how these events are going, share success stories and techniques, and continue to learn the ways the “buffet of SCCA programs” can help your event weekends. We’ll also discuss worker and driver training opportunities, and end with time to answer your Road Racing program questions.

Jon Krolewicz, SCCA Sr. Manager, Regional Track Program Development
Ted Winning & David Muramoto, Colorado Region Road Racers

BYO Lunch/Meet ‘n Greet General Session - 12:00-12:55pm

Bring your own lunch and join Rocky Mountain Division’s own Chris Robbins, SCCA Director of Region Development and driver in Regional and National Solo and Time Trials events, as he hosts a fun discussion for all of us to swap stories about racing, families, living in the Rocky Mountain West, and other stuff that makes each of us unique but joined by a common interest!

Chris Robbins, SCCA Director of Region Development

Breakout Sessions: 1:00-1:55pm

  1. Tech/Scrutineers – Join National Scrutineer, David Muramoto for a presentation and open round table discussion about the Road Racing Technical Inspection process.
  2. Stewards – Join new RMDiv Executive Steward, Kathy Bradley for a meet ‘n greet and to discuss some practical strategies to leverage our policies and procedures to deal with many challenges the Stewards must balance.
  3. Hybrid Events – Attend the Growing Road Racing General Session, then join Utah RE, Kevin Schultz and SCCA Sr. Manager, Jon Krolewicz to dive deeper to discuss how mashups/combo/hybrid events can be done, and best practices to ensure everyone leaves happy and healthy and the Region makes money!

Growing RallyCross General Session - 2:00-2:55pm

Having fun with cars in the dirt is growing, but beyond event marketing, how do we attract new programs and participants? Are there areas in our Division where access is easy and untapped? Where do we find program catalysts? What does a successful program look like? Let's shape our future together! Bring your questions and/or concerns to the table for discussion.

Rick Myers, SCCA Director of Rally/Solo
Eric Schaub, Continental Divide RallyCross Chair
Rupert Berrington, Colorado RallyCross Safety Steward and Race Admin

Growing Time Trials General Session - 3:00-3:55pm

Time Trials is the fastest growing program in the SCCA portfolio, partly due to the low barriers to entry, but also in some ways because of a relaxed, social environment at events! Join us for an engaging session that explores how the power of intentional tone setting during your driver's meeting not only influences the mood of your participants but also contributes to the overall safety and vibe of your event. We’ll end with a Question/Answer session with the TT and TNiA National Staff.

Justin Barbry, SCCA Manager, Track Night in America Program and Time Trials Coach
Ben Martin & Alice Stern, Rocky Mountain Time Trials Chairs

Growing the Future with Women on Track General Session - 4:00-4:55pm

Lowering barriers and lifting opportunities for women in motorsports, this SCCA initiative looks to the future, working to promote and encourage women to have #FunWithCars. Through regional efforts, mentorship, and scholarships, this program aims to lower barriers to entry for women in motorsport and to encourage increased participation in all facets of SCCA programs and activities as participants, volunteers, leaders or supporters. The SCCA Foundation contributes to the Women on Track initiative by managing the funds for all fourteen Women on Track Scholarships presented annually. 

Andie Albin, SCCA Multi-Channel Marketing Manager and WOT Staff Liaison
Alice Stern, Colorado Region Assistant RE

Closing Comments & RMDiv Happy Hour - 5:00-6:00pm

Pop open/uncork/unscrew your favorite beverage and unwind with us for a few final comments and a relaxed, social discussion of all we learned at our first RMDiv Virtual Convention!

Clay Turner, Chris Robbins (and anyone else that wants to join!)