Date: January 18, 2024 to January 26, 2024
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Location: Virtual

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The SCCA National Convention is a yearly gathering designed for all SCCA members who seek to learn, trade ideas, and teach each other in the pursuit to better themselves and improve their Club at every level. Attendees can attend general sessions and breakouts where members from all parts of the Club present fresh ideas, conduct training and certification courses, and have organized discussions. The National Convention also hosts the SCCA Annual Meeting and the SCCA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. For 2024, the SCCA National Convention will be conducted virtually.

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Building upon the success of last year's theme of "Engage," the 2024 SCCA National Convention takes a natural progression to the theme of "Grow." This year's Convention aims to harness the enthusiasm and connections forged in previous years to foster personal and collective growth within the SCCA community.

In addition to embracing the theme of "Grow," the 2024 SCCA National Convention also holds special significance as we celebrate the Club’s 80th birthday. This milestone anniversary provides a momentous occasion to reflect on the rich heritage and accomplishments of the SCCA throughout eight decades of motorsports excellence.

In 2023, the theme of "Engage" encouraged active participation, collaboration, and meaningful interactions among SCCA members. It created a foundation for building relationships, sharing knowledge, and igniting a passion for motorsports. As the SCCA community engaged with one another, valuable connections were established, laying the groundwork for growth.

Now, with the theme of "Grow," the SCCA National Convention will focus on leveraging those connections and experiences to further develop and expand the organization. Join us virtually at the 2024 SCCA National Convention, and in person at one of several Divisional Conventions, as we harness the power of connections formed over the last few years and build them up to create a stronger and more vibrant SCCA community.


Southeast Division, February 3-4, St. Simon’s Island, GA | Registration

Northeast Division, February 9-11, Scranton, PA | Registration

Rocky Mountain Division, February 17th, Virtual | Registration

Midwest Division, February 24-25, Topeka, KS | Registration

Great Lakes Division, March 2nd, Ft. Wayne, IN  | Registration

Central Division, March 16th, Oak Creek, WI | Registration