Robert (Rocky) Entriken Jr.

It's full. 1325 adult drivers and a dozen kid karts. Thought kid karts were supposed to be included in the 1325 cap, but apparently not. Blame it on the 'puter, I suspect.  Should be all waitlist now. 
Presumably the new $50 cancellation fee discourages a lot of entries "because I might come," which probably means nearly all those 1325+12 drivers are serious, committed entries, so the waitlist may not move as much.

David Lehrschall

I got in on the 6th try. You just have to keep trying.

Paul D Durr

Just keep trying......


Adrian Valella

SAME! this is frustrating 

Larry LeStarge

Got in answered all the questions.  Got a "this site can't be reached" message when I went to check out.