Paul Gauzens

For those having trouble finding the live video, maybe this will help.  

I type in my browser and it puts me into the current session webpage.  Then, both live timing and video are shown. On a PC/laptop, the video frame is to the right side of the T&S data. On mobile, the video frame is below the T&S data.

Between sessions, the video just shows a freeze frame of the Runoffs logo. But as soon as the video goes live again, that frame begins to play soon after T&S refreshes the data with the upcoming race grid.

Hope that helps!


Dennis Wood

Wow, what a mess it is finding video stuff, including live stream.    
This really doesn't need to be so hard or convoluted.
I know, thank me for my input.......

Courtney Swanson Jr.

I'm still not getting live Video or Audio for any of the Races where do you have to go to find it??.

Charles A Perry III

Tell announcer it is Cliff Ira not his brother Greg!!!

Russ McBride

Video and audio is working well for me now.