Rob Croswhite

Hi Claudine, I am a tech inspector and I’m trying to determine if I’ll be able to attend this event. I would be traveling across the country and staying in my RV at the track. My wife is handicapped and would be in the RV almost exclusively through the event. I’ve not been able to determine if there will be any services to dump our grey and black water tanks or refill our fresh water tanks. I cannot ask her to stay for that long without.

Thank you,


Cecilia Smith

This page has some info on RV services

Hope this helps


Doug Keith Piner

Yes there is a place to dump and get water.

Gary W Kittell

Any update on when SUPS  and paddock rules/map will be released?

Claudine M Stueve

Final edits are being made to the Supps.  In don't have any additional updates, other than SOON!   Paddock maps are posted from in the maps menu item above.   

Kenneth Leighton

Hi Claudine. I noticed in a reply you gave below to Janet Moscati that there would be details on working camping released about 6 weeks ago. I don't see that information anywhere. Also, is there going to be any space left inside VIR for general camping? 


Claudine M Stueve

Hi Kenneth, It is posted in the menu under Event Information, Participant Camping Information.  

Carolyn Bayer-Broring

Hi Claudine!  Any idea when the supps might be coming out? 

Claudine M Stueve

SOON!  It should be early next week if not before.

Michael Gregory Hastings

What level licence is needed as a worker? Are they allowing regional F+C licenses, or do they need higher?

Claudine M Stueve

The Chief of each specialty approves registrations.  Register on July 17th when both driver and worker registration opens.