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12th touring racer, first time srf3
Now 10th
Why is Cota using a tilt bed? these are SRF...wreck hook up and go!
Chris, broken tie rod
Race rubber doesn't like 40 degree weather.
Great coverage
Need to clean lense on turn one camera
good luck with that Michael Young :(
It's a little disappointing Hoosier, who is obviously committed, bothers to do such a disjointed, poorly executed and poorly coordinated program
God, just when you figured it couldn't get any worse the audio breaks into two over-lapping streams
not having any issues here.
and now the announcers are gone....
Hi, any chance someone can wipe off the lens of the corner 1 camera? Perhaps before the SM race?
yeah, Stephen a refresh cleared the audio glitch but it appears, as you said to be completely broken now
Thank you, much better. I'm getting audio.
lense clean and audio back....
Stripling is certainly pulling a horizon job in this race.
That dude Stripling is solid for sure
Many Thanks for the lense tending!!!
What happened to Denny's last lap?
Hmmm... Grid is completely empty wonder if they did something with the schedule
Great video for the start.....
Please get the video's working
If you refresh, camera one is back up and running.
Hey Reece Thanks for undertaking the technical challenges!
only problem, on mine it's a complete fog bank though it does seem to be the correct race
Just wiped the lens again but it is getting foggy
Thanks for the effort Eric... Diabolical conditions but strange that Turn 11 camera has been perfect all day -- could be sharper focus but view is clear
Turn 11 lens has it's back to the conditions, as opposed to T1 staring straight into it. Seems to be the problem - combination actual fog and lens fogging.
Sounds like less than 'fun' conditions!
COTA Scoring Key

Data Display Key:

Green, Yellow, Red or Black (Checker) background to header menu is current flag condition

Purple section at top: Best OA Time, Segments and Trap with car #

Each line represents - Current lap segments and speed trap

Hold/Select each car to expand for session historical lap data.

Green text - Personal Best

Purple text - Overall best

Green or Purple background - Personal or overall best was most recent sector or lap

Once first segment is complete, previous lap info disappears. For instance, if S1 and S2 are populated and S3 is blank, car is in S3.