Rodger M.

I do not plan on driving but would like to be there as a spectator. Is that allowed?

Randall Prince

Absolutely!! Look forward to seeing you there!!

Randall Prince

That shouldn't be a problem, Mike!

Phyllis Nelson

I signed up to work in Timing and Scoring.  I have heard nothing.  Do you need experienced Timers?  It makes a difference in what to bring. We have limited space.

Randall Prince

I believe we have an individual who worked on the first NCM TT to work this event again. I can pass along your information to see what's needed. I'm sure he could use an extra pair of eyes, though.

John Fatcheric

Randall, are we using the TNIA tech sheets?

System Service

Essentially, yes.

Randall Prince

As long as drivers can run and different experience groups, we shouldn't have a problem putting more than one driver in a car. We should have between 4 and 6 groups, so either 2x per level (Nov, Int, Adv) or at least once "flex" group that can facilitate people between experience levels.

Adam Fredrick Benaway

Thanks Mr. Prince