Bill Sulouff

Do we know when/where the 2018 Run-Offs TV package will be aired?

Anthony Philleo

Are there any photographers who will be sharing their work ?? Looking for GT1 photos

Andrea Albin

You can check with Mark Weber who is the official event photographer:

Cindy Lindstrand

Check the Lindstrand Motorsports facebook page.  Emil Mommers shot more than 18000 photos and many are posted to our facebook page.

Mandy Alvarez

When will the 2018 Runoff videos be available to watch on this site.And please make it easy to find. Many thanks Mandy


Andrea Albin

It will take a couple weeks for our production partners to get them exported and uploaded to the website.

David W Sterling Jr.

When will the race officials (workers) be able to update their volunteer participation to include the just concluded Runoffs? I really enjoyed the week there and saw some great racing.

Chuck Phillips

It's available now. (I just updated mine.)

bill b.

are replays available of the weekends races?

Anthony Philleo

How long until the video archives will be available ? I realize the events are still going on, just really anxious to watch my wife podium in GT1 on the screen over and over ! 

Elizabeth Neilsen

Missed the SM race.  Where can I watch it now?


Geoff Herald

Thanks for the link update.

STU race came through with good quality video and sound.

Big gap for winner, but an outstanding battle over many laps for third place!

Classic duel of lighter weight Lotus Exige vs. higher powered FWD Honda.

Won't spoil it for anyone watching on replay, but worth watching to the end, including two good guys at post race interview.

No sour grapes!!

Courtesy on the track while "hanging it out there". 

High down force maximum grip racing be damned!

Kudos to Drivers Elghanayan and Koelemeyer!!!


Dean H.

Video has been up for about 15 min at: 

Jeffrey S Cherny

Anybody have video yet?

Bruce Hopkins

I hope it is up today for the viewers.  It's another beautiful day here.  1st group was just called to the grid.  STU


Dean H.

First race is scheduled to start at 11:30 EDT, 8:30 track time (Pacific) video stream usually starts shortly before that.

Jeff Gorss

If you think it's frustrating not being able to watch, imagine how the people feel who are trying to make watching possible.

I've been trying the ...iframe link for a while this morning with varying results but no video.

Jeff Gorss

No video -- maybe 'cause it's only 7 am in CA?

Dean H.

A valid link for the Runoff live race webcast is: 

There were some intermittent problems with the transmission yesterday, if the display stops, refresh your browser page and the stream should continue.

Thomas A Dvorak

The link SCCA emailed did not work; it brought up an error page with the message: "Invalid address". The YouTube page displayed a video of victory lane which did not have anything going on until the race was over. I missed all of the first day racing. Maybe YouTube will have something next week but it would be nice to watch the videos live.

Stephen Clarke Zoeller

It's the Secret Car Club of America. Just got my 55 year membership pin, yea, I'm old but so are the problems. New management, same old problems. I like many of you have "clicked" every link I could find - NOTHING - but it did not surprise me. I love this club, but not the way it is being managed. This is 2018.  even this page doesn't "work", just try to click Like or Dislike, they don't work. Went to results page - blank !, not surprised.  There are people in the Home Office that really "care", that isn't something you can find these days very easily, however there are others there that just have a job and don't seem to give a rip. In a Club like ours, you NEED to communicate with the members, that includes getting live information to the members that cannot make the "main" event for an assortment of reasons but still "care" because they have given much of their lives and money to be a member. That membership supports you! RaceRev

William Lamkin

At the top of the website is a link to live runoffs timing. On the page are the two live camera feeds from the track. 

Phillip P Hollenbeck

This is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve looked 4x today and I cannot find runoffs videos any where. They were supposed to be live all day. The link that was sent by the SCCA went to the qualifying. Which was from earlier in the week. Am I that computer illiterate? and BTW I STILL CANT FIND ANY VIDEOS FROM TODAY!!!!! What the heck am I missing?  It shouldn’t be this hard!


Thomas Cirillo

it's simply nuts how difficult scca has made viewing the's almost as though they are hiding the link


Robert W Hess Jr.

Video/ good when you could find it. Really poor design and management of access to the races. Great races though.

Dean H.

SCCA hasn't made it easy to find the runoff webcast this year.  The large icons labelled 'Watch Now' (that imply a path to the runoff videos) actually are advertisements unrelated to the SCCA Runoffs, a link to programs that most protection software flags as dangerous.  A valid link to the runoff webcasts is: 

There appear to be some intermittent problems with the transmission, if the display stops, refresh your browser page and the stream should continue.

Charlie R.

Yes... very, very buggy.  SCCA can do better.

Russell Werner

When do the race videos get uploaded?

Edward J Forrest Jr.

Yep...and clicking on the hyper link there is a response the url is not valid!   Go Figure. 


It's RACE DAY! The First Nine 2018 Runoffs Champions will be crowned today.

Today, you can follow along as the best amateur road racers from vie for the honors of SCCA National Champion in GT1, FC, GTL, FV, HP, FM, AS, FE and FE2. Click here for the live webcast presented by Mazda.