Mike Leuty Jr.

Where are the results for classes that have finished (e.g., SS, CAMC)? Not on sololive or on Solo Nationals website.

Darrel A Padberg

Has the east course audio stream worked for anyone the past day and one quarter? West course audio is great here at noon EST where i am. Thanks n all a good luck today on the event.


Steve Garnjobst

The 90.1 radio broadcast is also impossible to hear.  

Matthew Feeney

West coirec audio stream needs xm turned off can't hear annoincer

Samuel B Cosmano

Can someone please tell the guy in row 19 his generator is not quiet time compliant.. Come on... 

Perry Simonds

Not sure which generator on row 19 you are referring to. Mine is the one in the quiet box and read 65 Db @50’. Rule is 70 and under.

David L Hedderick

Samuel did you ask them today about it? Did you measure the db?

Samuel B Cosmano

Hey guys I’m sorry.. Should have walked up and asked the owners. It was quieter the rest of the week. I drank enough beer to drown it out. Hope you had a good week..Funny cause I was warned about my car being to loud.. See ya next year..