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Turn 2 Video is showing SRF. Delete
I thought it was just me. Delete
Yes, the top camera is not showing the live action. It was correct yesterday. Otherwise, great coverage. Delete
Wouldn't that be a 'Local' yellow? Delete
Camera encoder has been rebooted. Should be "live" now. Delete
Had to refresh the page, and it is working now. Thanks. Delete
Now the audio keeps cutting in and out. Delete
18 Hallett Scoring Sidebar

Data Display Key:

Green, Yellow, Red or Black (Checker) background to header menu is current flag condition

Purple section at top: Best OA Time, Segments and Trap with car #

Each line represents - Current lap segments and speed trap

Hold/Select each car to expand for session historical lap data.

Green text - Personal Best

Purple text - Overall best

Green or Purple background - Personal or overall best was most recent sector or lap

Once first segment is complete, previous lap info disappears. For instance, if S1 and S2 are populated and S3 is blank, car is in S3.