Date: August 11, 2017 to August 13, 2017

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Event 1 - Tech

Event 2 - zMax Autocross

Event 3 - Charlotte Motorspeedway - Lapping

Event 4 - Atlanta Motorsports Park - Roll Call

Event 5 - Atlanta Motorsports Park - Track Trials

Event 6 - Georgia - Road Rally

Event 7 - Memphis - Roll-Call

Event 8 - Memphis International Raceway - Lapping

Event 9 - Memphis International Raceway - Trackcross

Event 10 - Team Voting



The 2017 Targa Southland is a multi-discipline driving event that covers autocross, time trials, road rally, and more than 600 miles of driving through South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. If one automotive event per weekend is good, 6 must be great. Targa is for people who like a challenge. Targa is because you love having fun with cars.

For general questions, email Heyward Wagner.

Entry Details - Registration Is Open!

The entry cap for this event is 60 cars.

Hotel and food add-ons are only available until July 1st.


Friday August 11
ZMax Dragway - Concord, NC
9:00am-11:00am Check-in/Tech
10:00am Autocross course open for walking
11:00am Drivers & Teams Meeting
12:00pm-3:30pm Event 1 - ZMax Autocross
Charlotte Motor Speedway - Concord, NC
4:30pm Drivers Meeting
5:00pm-9:30pm Event 2 - Track Night Charlotte
Friday Night Hotel - Hilton Garden Inn - Gainesville, GA
($125/Team - includes hot breakfast for two.)
Saturday August 12
Atlanta Motorsports Park - Dawsonville, GA
8:30am Drivers Meeting
9:00am-12:00pm Event 3 - TT/Lapping Sessions
SCCA RoadRally - Atlanta Motorsports Park to Chattanooga, TN
12:15pm RoadRally Lunch
1:00pm-3:00pm Event 4 - RoadRally
9:00pm (Approx) Dinner - ($75/Team)
Saturday Hotel - Spring Hill Suites - Memphis, TN
($150/team - Within walking distance of Rendezvous and Beal Street)
Sunday August 13
Mempis International Raceway - Memphis, TN
9:00am Drivers Meeting
9:30am-12:00pm Event 5 - Lapping Sessions
1:00pm-3:00pm Event 6 - TrackCross
3:15pm Trophy Presentation