The "live" Timing was a farce.  Why not actually list all the results as they come in and leave it up instead of the most recent 6 folks to go?  No live web access announcing either.  Must say I was disappointed compared to the coverage we had in years past.  Hard to actually know whats going on at the premier event of the year...  

Bruce B McArthur

Sorry to b***h b***h b***h, but I don't see "pax day 1" for

Thursday West / Friday East

and did "we" give up on the simulcasting live video?

Kenneth Allan Mitchell

I wish SCCA do something about the live timing system. Looks like the Pronto timing system has not been very Pronto the last few years. At every national event there always been some issue with live timing. Maybe SCCA should look at other live timing systems like Race Monitor.

Bruce B McArthur

It is Wednesday late night and the results only have Day 1 (Tuesday) results. Any chance of getting the full results out soon?


Bruce Hopkins

What happened to day 2 results?


Mark Sipe

Sorry to ask because I know each and every day at Nationals is so hectic and long, but are there going to be any official Day 1 results posted?  Haven't found anything but the unofficial SoloLive results and can't seem to find any official results web-link anywhere.  Thanks and good blessings for everyone during the rest of the week.

David Lehrschall

Will we see course maps for this year's Solo Nationals? If so, when might we see these?

Jim McLean

Maps are on SCCA Website - Nationals page on top right just above link to live timing.

Bob Buxbaum

When can we register?

Brian Scott Harmer

Registration will open on June 26 at 2 pm central

William Koscielny

via scca.com or motorsportreg?

Brian Scott Harmer

Registration will be through motorsportsreg. We are working on the final touches of the registration page and a link should be up for everyone to see and bookmark in the next couple of days.