Date: March 24, 2017 to March 27, 2017
Location: College Station
Address: Bryan, TX, 77807

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  • College Station
    Bryan, TX 77807
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    trae c.

    The Address is above doesnt have a specific address.  is it possible to get that?  what day would be best for spectators? 

    Roger H Johnson

    Enter the site on 5th street off of hwy 47.

    Kenneth Brewer

    I'd maybe lean towards Sunday as the better day (just slightly!) as you may see people trying to go for the win and such.  Two day event, best time from each day adds up to your total time and is used for position.

    Kenneth Brewer

    Todd's waypoint above is best - the site doesn't have an exact address as far as Ive ever seen.

    Shameless plug for group 1 also - starting scheduled for 9am Sat, 8am Sun.  A-Street has a bunch of different Corvettes and a Jag F-Type R, bunch of other cool cars and classes too within the group. 

    CP also looks interesting in group 2 as Todd mentioned.

    Todd S. Roberts Jr.'31.5%22N+96%C2%B027'36.2%22W/@30.642076,-96.4615058,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d30.642076!4d-96.460059

    This waypoint is the entrance to the site. Follow the signs once you gain entry and please watch your speed. No wondering off the route to the site will be tollerated and could jepordize our use of the site. Spectating should be great both days but CP is always fun to watch. They run Heat 2 which I would expect to start around 10:30 and end at 12:00 Saturday, one hour earlier Sunday 

    David Whitener

     For this specific event the evo school end time is 30 minutes sooner than other events and the regular TnT starts 30 minutes later. The times listed for it on the supps should be correct.

    Kenneth Brewer

    excitedly awaiting supps and such, can't wait for my first national event!


    info from motorsport reg?


    Evo school times are off by 30 min behind the schedule they sent us though....