Date: April 23, 2016

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In addition to a full day of professional performance driving instruction, your $325 Starting Line Package also includes:

  •          SCCA Track Night in America Event Entry ($150 Value)
  •          SCCA Tire Rack Championship Tour or Match Tour Entry ($110 Value)
  •          SCCA Membership ($85 Value)
  •          Regional Event Entry ($35 Value)
  •          Starting Line Hat 
  •          SportsCar Magazine Subscription
  •          Grassroots Motorsports Subscription ($20 Value)

Students may also add to their package:

  •          Open (additional $150) or Full Face (additional $200) Bell SA2015 Helmet 
  •          Garmin VIRB Action Camera (additional $400) 

The Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line School is a partnership between the Sports Car Club of America and Tire Rack to give automotive enthusiasts at every level a professional, all-inclusive entry into the sport of performance driving and the chance to have some fun with their cars.

The full-day school introduces key concepts applicable to performance driving and offers participants the opportunity to develop motorsports skills while working with professional performance driving instructors certified by the Evolution Performance Driving School.

Professional instructors teach:

  •          Vehicle dynamics
  •          Traction management
  •          Vision and control
  •          Tips and techniques custom tailored to match your needs and ability level

Starting Line participants leave ready for motorsports competition if that’s where their interest takes them, but everyone gains an understanding of the capabilities of their vehicle and is given the opportunity to have a little fun with it. In addition to a full day of instruction, the Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line package includes a complete motorsports starter kit. Participants receive an SCCA membership, entries for optional future events, as well as subscriptions to SportsCar and Grassroots Motorsports magazines. The option to add a Snell- approved motorsports helmet and / or a Garmin VIRB to their Starting Line package is also offered.

For detailed information, school calendar / locations, autocross FAQs and more visit the Tire Rack SCCA Starting Line website: 
Starting Line Info

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    Fabrizio Mirandola

    Do i need to check in in advance ?

    Jake Robb

    Michigan International Speedway is not in or near Detroit. Can someone clarify where this event takes place?

    Jake Robb

    Thanks, guys. I think that the "Detroit" part of this listing is way too prominent. The abbreviated name of the hosting region, especially when that's also the name of a city 75 miles from the event, shouldn't be at the same level as the title!

    Matt Henry Wolfe

    Its listed at "Detroit" as it it hosted by Detroit Region SCCA

    Dane N.

    MIS, 12626 US-12, Brooklyn, MI 49230