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Waiting for event to start.

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Audio is back up now.
T&S still shows grp 3.
it is a little buggy still. audio come and goes and sometimes the T$S will freeze and you have to exit and re-enter to get it going again? thought it was my computer but maybe systemic?
T&S working again
If it's acting up, a refresh should fix it. Our announcer is not talking nonstop through the qualifying sessions, so that might be what's going on.
great GT1 turnout. wish i was there. went last year and its a great weekend for racing AND the spouse.
Hey Andie. Is audio happening, just clicked on to see the prod / stl race but can't hear anything on the Formula race. Thanks!
Timing and scoring is fine. Cool to watch on the computer. Have a few guys running in this next race.
Jesse, just got back to the tower. Will reset audio.
Kamalian trying too hard on lap 2
Man he must be buried!!
They just got the car out. Will probably be green next time by
We should have audio back once the announcer starts back up
It's working!
Production dude, not prepared! ha..
(He's an autocrosser)
Got a few minutes of audio and now it's not working. Oh well. Good timing and scoring
I will restart it... again.
ha ha...
The wifi boots it off every now and then and the feed gets lost. It's a bummer
You guys should have it back now
White flag !
Good race.