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Waiting for event to start.

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WE have a slight hold before the next sub-session as there is a oil clean-up going on.
Cars back on track, last practice of the morning.
rain drops are falling as practice finishes and Group 1 grids up for qualifying
Racing is up next!
Where are official race grids posted??
I'm posting as soon as they go official and timing gets them to me.
found it. Be nice if there was a link to grids from this live T&S page.
Thanks Andrea
I will discuss that with our web team when I get back to Topeka. Thank you!
Are you sending audio? I'm not getting any.
We do not have a PA at this event. Just timing and video.
The camera is pointing at turn 5 for a reference
I really didn't mean PA, I just meant audio from the liver camera.
If you open the video in youtube, it might. The website cancels it to allow for the audio feed
I'm watching on youtube, no audio. Still better than nothing!
Good to know. This is only our second event running this camera so we are learning the best way to use them! Thank you!
All grids have been posted!
We are about to do something special. We will have a memorial on track for Bob Lybarger prior to the group 3 race. Bob was a 50+ year SCCA Member, CRB member, Area Director and more. Bob started in SCCA as a corner worker, but was best known as a Formula Vee driver. He is in the CenDiv Hall of Fame, was a Blackhawk Valley Region Member of the Year, and held the role of BVR Regional Executive for two terms. Rest In Peace Bob.
The memorial was beautiful and I will be posting a video to SCCA.com as soon as I have adequate internet.
Thank you for following along! The Northern Conference will return Jun 3-5 at Mid-Ohio.