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Good morning from Wampum, PA! Day 1 of action at the US Majors Tour at Pittsburgh International Race Complex is about to begin.
It's a little chilly, good rain coming down, and windy.
Is audio and or video active at the moment...?
Announcer doesn't start working until races begin this afternoon. We're working on the video as I type this ...
Video should be running, and we just cleaned the lens off from the last rainfall.
Spec Miata, first race, has started!
There will be a delay as they repair the safety barrier and tire wall. The rest of the Group races today have been shortened from 25 min. to 20 min.
Morning from a chilly PittRace in Wampum, PA. Starting the day off right with racing! Group 7 will have their postponed Sat. race this morning, Sunday. Then, they'll race again later this afternoon.
At approx. 12:30 Eastern time, is that snow on the video?
Is this still working?
David ... yup, that was snow. Tim, I believe it's still working.
Will the remainder of the races be delayed due to snow?
Bring your chains
Oh hark, bring an Ark. Is that snow I see? It is the mightiest of men and women who persevere thru the elements. To forge on, taking in stride what the weather throws at you. Yes, laddy"s you are a brave, stout band of people. Wish I could be there.
Gonna be a few minutes while we deal with a tire wall issue.
Oh hark, bring an Ark. Is that snow I see? It is of the brave and stout men and women who forge on thru these elements. Wish I was there. To feel the chill in the bone, wind in the face, wet socks sloshing in the shoes. The days of yore, brought back one more time to remind you of how alive you are. Yes, a day at the track is still better than anything else.
Sorry for the first rendition
We've wrapped the weekend here at PittRace.
so no races for Groups 3 to 7?
No, not this weekend.