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Good morning from los gatos ca
Hows the weather?
Now Mike M is from Bakersfield and his dad Tom is in the UK? What's going onback there?
The website say's its 41.
Jake Papal is in the sir 28
Maybe they moved Gary
Sure wish they'd put this in order by lap times and not laps completed.
Click Best Time in Header & it resorts
Thank you! Guess I should stick to driving.
its up thank you
Don't get the scoring. Huffaker started the race as an FP and is now GTL. And it's the opposite with Brian Linn.
How does Isley keep going from 11th to 2nd and takes 3 seconds off his lap time?
Slight glitch in posting of positions. Working on it.
In last race, car #99 actually piloted by Andrie Hartanto. Two 99s in Group 3.
What happened to 51, and 20?
Seems they tangled.
Uhhhmmmmmm, c'mon you guys at least give me a good lap time and position if you're gonna score me when I'm still in Seattle...??
Are you in the group six race as well?
No... Still in Seattle...
That didn't seem to stop you in group 5 ...
Ha haa I know ;)
Session notes...? What happened to Kahn..?
Scotty, you are listed at the bottom so perhaps you'll make a charge to the front soon...
Haven't heard about Kahn, but hasn't come by start/finish in a while.
Kahn towed in after race. Rumor is he hi-sided the car on a curb at Turn 9.
Good Morning