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Wonder what happened to kannard.
Awesome audio coverage by the way!
pretty cool coverage. good to keep in touch from 9000 miles away! next is video :)
Its nice in California too
What happened to Steyn?
It would be nice if the audio and timing sheet were in sink rather than the audio being approx. 20 seconds off.
Go Lee racing!!
Look at Laura Hayes go!
We're starting Day 2 at Road Atlanta!
Little bump at back of pack in SFR3 at start.
And we're on Lunch Break until noon ET.
Is group 3 finished?
I think Grp 3 is the first race after lunch, which should be up next
I think their up after lunch
Good Morning from CA.
Group 3 headed out on track.
Go Dynasty Racing! #BFGoodrich #Bspec
Hey announcer...Bspec is ALWAYS a good battle! Lol
Kamalian is closing the gap on Shadowen in GTL!
Jason making the pass for third!!!
Chi Ho with Dynasty Racing for his 8th consecutive win! #BFG
What happened to Kannard on lap 15? Did he spin?
Group 4 underway!
Checker waves over Group 5
The scoring results do not match what the announcers are saying???
Cars on pace lap for Group 6
Anybody else having trouble with live audio?
Try refreshing your browser. Stream is running perfect on smartphone.