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Waiting for event to start.

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Good morning everyone. We have two cameras running today - one at Start/Finish and one at Turn 4. Unfortunately Homestead was unable to furnish us with a line out for audio, so no audio this weekend.
Thanks for the camera shot, From Ca
Well, I got engine noise,LOL
Oh yea, engine noise!!!
Oh yeah, engine noise!!!
I see no live video on front straight, but i do have the audio for both cameras.
I had audio and both camera for a little while, now nothing
Back up
It's still hard to see the car that crosses the start finish by the lap chart. to bad you don't have that car lap change in the lap chart by a different color stripe
I've only got black screen where video of start/finish was being shown earlier.
OK...Great, video of start / finish line is back !
Thank You SCCA for furnishing Live Audio & Video so that those of us who can't be there in person can follow on our computers or smart phones !