Cheyne Daggett

Any chance there will be a on demand of the AS race?  

Andrea Albin

All of the races are up now!

Jeffrey Scott Grose

Did the cameras get a shot of the backstretch grandstand elevator shaft coming down on Saturday??? I was working F&C at Turn 7A when the shaft hit the groud, would have been nice to at least had a 1 min. warning !!!!!! May need a new pair of WHITE pants .

Mitch Grant

I thoroughly enjoyed the Runoffs at Daytona. this was possibly the best racing event I've ever attended, and That comes from over fifty years of racing experience. However, I would like to express my concern regarding the Steward's decision about the finish of the H Production race at the Runoffs. AJ Hulse was clearly in the lead immediately before the finish line on the last lap- only to be taken out by what was then the third place car. AJ had driven the whole race without touching another car, while the car that caused this collision had been involved in numerous serious metal to metal contacts. The driver of this car was eventually named the winner of the race. In my opinion he should have been penalized, or disqualified, and AJ Hulse should have been declared the winner of the race. Thankfully, no one was injured by the reckless actions of this driver.

David W Sterling Jr.

When the video becomes available, watch the finish again. 3rd place would not have been involved in the crash had he not tried to take 1st while the other two were bumping each other. But then again going for it coming off the final turn is part of the great tradition of the RunOffs. Watch the video as 137 crosses the line backwards.

John Steflik

OnDemand Videos of the 2015 National Championship Runoffs presented by Garmin Virb have started to be placed online for your viewing pleasure - Click on the "Runoffs OnDemand" link at the top of the Runoffs menu on the right of this page.  For your convenience, you can also click here

Patrick Neil Casey

Great video coverage of the Daytona Runoffs!! Is there an estimated date that we will be able to watch them again?  I know several folks who weren't able to watch the live coverage, and are anxious to see them.


Donald Drennon

I was reliably informed that the post-production is being done in-house back in Topeka: It may take a few days.