2014 SCCA National Championship Runoffs - HP Race

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the pro fa series had a pretty healthy contingent but for some reason they didnt have it this year but i think they are bringing it back next year
Peter we also ran against the lexus in a type r.
where is henry bradly when we need him hahahahaa
damn kearby just ran a 22.6
we'll see if he was getting a tow from mallinen
70+ and the guys is driving like that DAM!
hold on you may not be able to see that link
think his was the orange one?
that accident is a shame
Yes michael, thats the one i got
its a ex goldboro car that were orange
You have the old king rat car??? awesome! my friends raced that in the wc back in the day!
yep that one
that was a great weekend of racing even watching from home
And with that, all the of the year's good racing comes to an end. Not I begin the process of going insane waiting forthe 24 Hours of Daytona.
nince racing
See you next year, ppl.
sounds like i need to link your brother for a drive in it then?
anyone know why gaston kirby didnt enter?
last year they were uploaded within 3-4 weeks, I would assume the same this year
go to speedcasttv.com and they will be posted eventually
Good shout outs for Elite Engines, West Bend, WI
Club Racing ? Cheat'en !
back to real life ):
lol yep