2015 SCCA Runoffs Presented by Garmin VIRB - FP Race

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Waiting for event to start.

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you may have to refresh several times
Not impressed with the speed of the cleanup by safety all weekend long.
Video is gone for me - not impressed
seems like another attempt for scca to make money and force us to get fly out to watch the run offs love it 2015 lets get better viewing oo tired of scca
Daytona personnel do the on track EV work - NOT SCCA. The Daytona procedures SUCK!
that's why we decided not tp renew my license with scca and go with svra as many are no video and bad class structure p1 is a farce
I raced FF in the '70s and '80s and the only race that I really wanted to see was this race. No video.....
Spec Miata was Friday night - still no Final Results!
I had no video for the formula ford race is there a recording that is going to be posted
no video now ....very spotty today
Great coverage. Thanks for the Video/Audio. Now when can we get the hard copy CD of it?
video is spotty but glad they tried. hopefully the dvds wont take to long to get out
I'm getting no video. Is it just me?
No video here
Mine just came back, refresh the window
Lost video and audio between races FF & EP - all now back.
wow...lost video and audio with 944 in lead....and now, 240Z is winner! wish I could have seen it happen!
944 lost his brakes
Thanks guy’s great broadcast
video down again
there it goes
If 10 cars started why is it not a National Championship race?
That roll back trailer will go juuusssttt fine. I'm sure he will like all of the nose and tail torn off doing that.
Overall great coverage SCCA. Good job.
Can past races be seen?
No audio or video at the moment ... Are all the activities concluded or is this just a break between events?
Is there any sane excuse for making it so damn difficult to watch the videos of the 2015 SCCA Runoffs from Daytona?
Heck ofa note when it is simpler to watch individual in-car videos than to access the SCCA videos, in addition yo the error message I receive when I try to access the SCCA videos. It would be odd that the video software might be incompatible with Apple..