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Being better and more accomplished than I was yesterday, Playing sports not watcing them, being finanacially independent, Expressing my creativity in any art and automotive form, and Expressing my creativity in any art and automotive form
Cars, Fitness, Music, Art, Lyrics, Hip Hop, writing lyrics, and playing basketball
Gone In 60 Seconds, Dead Poets Society, and Dead Poets Society
Hip Hop, Jazz, R&B, Lo-Fi Hip Hop, and Classical Music
Books and Magazines:
The Alchemist, The Gospel Of Hip Hop, Men's Health Lowrider (back in the day), Truckin' (back in the day), and Truckin' (back in the day)
Favorite Racing Getaway:
In the street hoping to get out of it because I know it's not smart, Rally, Drift, Circuit, go-karts, and go-karts
About me:

I'm a 30 year old taking a leap of faith on my dreams and moving down south to build a project car with my brother and get him on the track. Then eventually me. I drive a 2005 Honda CRV awd 5 speed and I drive it like it's the fastest thing in the world. I'm itching for speed and adrenaline behind the wheel at a professional level. I have never been behind the wheel of a boosted or nitrous vehicle. I aspire to start a crossover racing club in North America, because I know I'm on the only one interested in seeing that and there is a potential for a huge market there. I love old school cars early 90's and older (sharp edged body lines and box bodies do it for me!). Dream Car 1992 Acura NSX, I'll gladly take the new one as well! Honda Accord fan and future collector once I have a house and garage to store them in.

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