We’ve Found a Deal That’s (Shall We Say) Too Shocking to Pass Up

There’s something about not paying retail for quality performance goodies that really hits the spot. Not only is it a bona fide (anecdotal) fact that discounted parts make you faster, but saving money on go-fast goodies also makes it easier to have #funwithcars at SCCA® events – and the more events you participate in, the better driver you’ll become. Like you, we’re always on the lookout for that next unbeatable deal, and we’re pretty sure we’ve found it. But before we get there, let’s find out why you should care.

KONI has been a longtime partner of the SCCA, which is a natural fit since KONI is one of the go-to companies for car nuts when they’re hunting for shocks that punch well over their weight. For years, KONI partnered with SCCA’s Track Night in America® Driven by Tire Rack and, since the program’s inception, KONI has been the title sponsor of the podium celebrations at every Tire Rack SCCA Time Trials National Tour Powered by Hagerty.

Furthermore, you’ll barely take two strides at any SCCA event before spotting KONI’s famous, yellow-colored dampers peering out from under fenders. While KONI offers a variety of dampers, the Sport dampers – commonly called “KONI yellows” – offer a wide range of linear adjustability that makes a difference in a performance environment. In other words, these shocks are up to the automotive torture Club members are famous for doling out.

KONI recently unveiled its GTS coilovers as well, which are certainly worth a look.

Want to know, in technical terms, what’s inside a KONI damper? KONI’s website has those deets.

So here’s the deal we found, although time is ticking away: Orders placed on KONI’s website before July 31, 2024, will receive a 20% discount. Here’s the link you’ll want to follow to cash in on this deal.

Will KONIs make you a better driver? Heck no. But they will make your car handle better, and that’ll build a better foundation for you to use while ascending the impossible ladder of motorsports perfection. And being able to do that at a discount definitely hits the spot.

Photo by Adam Brooks