New SCCA Partner Malco Automotive is Set to Clean Up Your Motorsport Weekends

What does your street car, tow rig, and race car have in common? They’re all probably dirty. This might not seem like an issue because, in a best-case scenario, it just makes your vehicles look bad. Worse case, though, you might be struggling to see through the windshield or adhere decals for your next SCCA® event. Then, should the buildup get bad enough, the paint could pit, the wheels could stain, and your car could look downright abandoned. There has to be a solution.

It sounds simple, and it is: Clean your cars! This process is made easy – and more affordable – thanks to SCCA’s newest partner, the maker of some of the best automotive cleaners on the market.

Malco® Products, Inc. is a global manufacturer of professional-grade finishing and detailing products for the automotive, marine, and commercial vehicle markets. Malco’s products have long been used by the pros, but those specialty cleaning products are also available to consumers, keeping your vehicles shiny and as good as new without damaging paint or fancy race car graphics packages.

For more than 70 years, Malco Products has been providing high-quality products to customers around the globe. Headquartered in Barberton, OH, the company’s customer base spans 70 countries, with three manufacturing facilities and more than 350 employees under the Malco brand.

SCCA’s and Malco’s partnership means that Club members will receive 20% off any purchase of over $50 when ordering from and using the special SCCA discount code at checkout. That code can be found on the SCCA Member Benefits page under the “Consumer Products and Services” section.

“We are very excited to support the grassroots racing enthusiast”, said Jason Yard, Malco’s Partnership and Technical Manager. “The team at Malco has always been passionate about the motorsports industry and automotive related partnerships. We know clean cars go faster, and we hope to play a small role in new course records and checkered flags for the SCCA.”

Malco has long understood motorsports, making the company a natural partner for SCCA. “Malco’s racing connection began 70 years ago and continues to this day through their partnership with Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and sponsoring race teams,” said SCCA’s Manager of Partner Relations Lee Grimes. “We’re proud that Malco is continuing that tradition through its discount program for all members of the Sports Car Club of America.”

Learn more about Malco Automotive and its extensive product line by visiting

Photo courtesy Malco Products, Inc.