What RallyCross Safety Stewards Do, and How You Can Do it Too

(Each month, Gonzalo “Gonzo” San Miguel, the SCCA® RallyCross® Board (RXB) Chair, presents you with the latest RallyCross news and information.)

Continuing the unsung heroes of RallyCross talk we began last month, this time around we’ll be discussing Safety Stewards.

Safety Stewards play a pivotal role in the sport, ensuring that events are conducted with the utmost regard for safety. These dedicated individuals oversee all aspects of an event, from scrutinizing vehicle compliance with safety regulations to monitoring on-track activities for potential hazards. With a keen eye for detail and extensive knowledge of safety protocols, they work tirelessly to uphold standards and mitigate risks, allowing drivers to push their limits within a controlled environment. Safety stewards facilitate communication between drivers, officials, and medical personnel, swiftly responding to incidents and implementing precautionary measures when necessary.

In short, their unwavering commitment to safety fosters an environment where competitors can pursue their passion for motorsports with confidence, knowing that their wellbeing is paramount.

There are currently 179 SCCA Safety Stewards across the country, with an average of three per Region. There are many Regions with only one Safety Steward, with the current leading Region being New England Region with 10 Safety Stewards.

All events must have at least one current Safety Steward in attendance, but since Safety Stewards cannot act as both a participant and Safety Steward at the same time, most events require two Safety Stewards if those people are also participating.

A lack of Safety Stewards can hurt a Region’s ability to host events. If your Region has issues having enough Safety Stewards – or the same two people always have to steward an event – you should take the initiative and help your Region by becoming a Safety Steward.

Before you begin the process, it’s best to reach out to your Divisional Steward and any current Safety Stewards in your Region to let them know that you’ll be completing the training. Then head to my.scca.com and review the RallyCross Safety Steward Training PowerPoint under the RallyCross tab in the file cabinet (click here for a direct link).

Many Regions will host a Safety Steward training group if there are multiple people interested.

Once that’s completed, you must shadow a Safety Steward for at least two events and then have a Steward shadow you for an event or two.

When your training’s complete, you can fill out the Safety Steward Application and send it to your Divisional Steward to sign and forward to the SCCA National Office. If your Division doesn’t currently have a Divisional Steward, you may contact RallyCross Board Safety Steward Jonathon Nagel or the RallyCross Board Divisional Steward Sanjay Singh (contact info for both can be found here).

Becoming a Safety Steward is one of the most meaningful and fulfilling ways to contribute to the sport you love, because without Safety Stewards, events simply cannot be held. If you attend RallyCross events with any regularity, chances are you’d make a great Safety Steward – and your friends will thank you for it.

Photo by Rupert Berrington