RallyCross Board: Meet Your RXB

(Each month, Gonzalo “Gonzo” San Miguel, the RallyCross® Board (RXB) Chair, presents you with the latest RallyCross news, as seen by the RXB.)

This being the first RallyCross® Board column on SCCA.com, perhaps the best place to begin is with who not only I am as the chairman of the RallyCross Board, but who makes up the rest of the RXB. Similar to the success of the RallyCross program ultimately coming down to those who participate and advocate for the sport, the success of the RXB comes from a group of individuals who are passionate about RallyCross.

The seven-member RXB is made up of six members at large and one SCCA staff member (the staff member being Rick Myers, SCCA’s Director of Rally/Solo). The volunteer members of the RXB are quite diverse in its experience level, with many of the board members having experience not only elsewhere in the Sports Car Club of America®, but also in other organizations. The knowledge brought by this team – with input and encouragement from the membership – helps direct the program, allowing us to continue to have fun in the dirt for years to come.

In later RXB columns on SCCA.com, we’ll dive into rules, events, championships, and more. But for now, here’s who the RXB is.

Gonzalo “Gonzo” San Miguel

Board Position: Chairman/Secretary/Competition Committee Liaison
Time on the RXB:
Fourth year
SCCA Experience:

- Joined SCCA in 2004
- Autocrossed from 2004-’10
- RallyCrossed from 2009-present
- Utah Region RallyCross Director 2012-’18
- Safety Steward
- RallyCross Board: 2020-present
 Rocky Mountain/Utah
Real World Job:
 Diesel Mechanic
Hobbies: Collecting and drinking bourbon
Anything to add:
“I’ve been married for 14 years and have two standard poodles. I’ve attended all but the first two RallyCross National Championships.”

Christian Retterer

Board Position: Rules Committee Liaison
Time on the RXB:
Second Year
SCCA Experience:

- Joined SCCA in 2011
- Autocrossed for eight years
- Flagging & Communications for four years
- RallyCrossed for eight years
- Region RallyCross Chair
Division/Region: Southeast/Atlanta
Real World Job: Engineer/Underwriter
Hobbies: D&D, painting
Anything to add: Baja SAE alum

Jonathon Nagel

Board Position: Safety and SxS Committee Liaison
Time on the RXB: 
Second year
SCCA Experience:

- Autocrossed in FSAE, ES, and XA since 2012
- RallyCrossed in SF, MF, and MA since 2016
- Raced with other sanctioning bodies including 24 Hours of Lemons, NASA Rally Sport, and the American Rally Association
- Current Solo and RallyCross Safety Steward
- Active in local leadership and program development in Continental Divide and Lake Superior Regions
Division/Region: Central/Lake Superior
Real World Job: Real Estate Investor and Historic Preservation Specialist
Hobbies: “I’m extremely passionate about sustainability and historic preservation. I love to travel and spend time outside enjoying downhill skiing, sailing, biking, climbing, and camping.”

Sanjay Singh

Board Position: Divisional Steward Liaison and SxS Committee member
Time on the Board: 
Second year
SCCA Experience:

- SCCA member since 2003
- Competed on pavement and dirt
- Multiple positions held within SCCA Regions over the years
- Divisional Steward for five years
Division/Region:Northern Pacific/San Francisco
Real World Job: Healthcare. Specialty in “turbo charger” type blood pumps.
Hobbies: “Cars, boating, hiking, family time, fiddlin’ around the garage, traveling, reading obscure books, and beekeeping.”
Anything to add: “I Enjoy seeing the growth of our sport, overcoming challenges, and providing organizational efficiency.”

Steve Parsons

Board Position:Working with new classes
Time on the Board:First year
SCCA Experience:
- Currently a Solo and RallyCross Safety Steward
- Ex-road racer
- Former SWVR Board member and lifetime offroad rider
- Formed the SWVR RallyCross program, secured a premium site and hosted a successful RallyCross National Tour event in our second year of existence with strong support from OVR RallyCross officials
- Developing the “RallyCross-UTV” Facebook page
Division/Region: Great Lakes/West Virginia
Real world job:I am retired from a career in the chemicals industry where I held various positions in maintenance, engineering, and capital projects management, both domestically and internationally.”
Hobbies: “I’m a gearhead and amateur fabricator. I love music, science fiction, cooking, and most things outdoors.”
Anything to add: “I’m married and live on a cattle farm in Kenna, West Virginia

James Veatch III

Board Position: RallyCross and Liaison
Time on the Board:
First year
SCCA Experience: 

- Event Chair
- Safety Steward
- Tech Inspector
 Southern Pacific/Cal Club
Real World Job: 
SAG-AFTRA Stunt Driver
Hobbies: “I like cars.”
Anything to add: “Owner of Rodnoc Racing and an Organizer of ARA’s only California Stage Rally, The Ridge Rally.”

Photo caption: RXB chairman Gonzalo San Miguel, seen here at the 2023 RallyCross National Championship, has been RallyCrossing since 2009.
Photo by Rupert Berrington