Make Life Easy: Get Your Digital Annual Waiver Now

Things get pretty darn busy at Sports Car Club of America® events. There are paddock sites to set up, prep work to be done on cars, courses to walk, tech inspection to go through, steward meetings to attend, and (most importantly) friends to connect with before the action begins.

One way to make things a little easier at events is to go online today and fill out an SCCA Annual Waiver form. Doing that allows volunteers and participants quicker access to event sites and eases the workload of the kind people working at registration.

An Annual Waiver can be filled out digitally online. The process only takes a few mouse clicks, plus the uploading of a photo. In years past, an Annual Waiver document had to be physically mailed to SCCA’s office in Kansas. This modern process, however, holds the same legality and takes only a couple of minutes to complete online.

Simply log in to your Member Access Portal (MAP) at, then click the “Licenses & Waivers” link under the “Online Store” tab. From there, add the “Annual Waiver Adult” to your cart, and follow along as the system walks you through the process.

Digital Annual Waivers for minors are also available, as are forms offering parental consent. Click here for full instructions for signing the Annual Waiver

The only pre-waiver prep you’ll need is to locate a digital image that meets the Annual Waiver’s requirements – namely a PNG, PDF, GIF, or TIFF image that is 3MB or smaller and clearly shows your face (no hats, sunglasses, or masks).

Go to on your smartphone, tablet, or computer to start the process. The whole thing is simple, easy, free – and is quickly accessed thanks to the helpful button below:

Annual Waivers

Get Your Digital SCCA Membership Card, Too!

Make your time at MAP extra efficient by also clicking the green “My Membership Card” button under the “My Profile” link of the “My Account” tab. That opens a digital version of your current SCCA Membership card.

This digital membership card can be saved to your smartphone as a PDF, or as a dynamically-updated shortcut on your home screen – a feature many smartphones offer through the “share” feature while clicking the green “My Membership Card” link.

Digital waivers and membership cards are good for both adults and minors. So, get your online documents sorted out today, and have more time for #funwithcars during your next SCCA adventure.

Traditional Waivers and Membership Cards Still Accepted

While digital Annual Waivers and SCCA Membership Cards are fantastically easy, convenient, and the wave of the future, they’re also not mandatory. Both digital and physical hard cards are still accepted at registration, and those choosing not to sign the digital waiver will be able to sign a paper waiver on site – or submit the Annual Waiver physically – as in the past.