A True Street Survival Success Story

Success stories from the Tire Rack Street Survival teen driving schools are what it’s all about. In its most basic form – and with the assistance of the SCCA Foundation and SCCA® Regions across the country – Street Survival schools educate teens on the importance of vehicle safety, running the gamut from car control to tire pressures and staying visible around big rigs. This teen program doesn’t keep the learning in the classroom, either – it’s an immersive one-day program that places teens in their own vehicles to teach them the skills that could one day save their lives.

That’s the dramatic pitch. The reality is that the Street Survival program offers a fun learning environment for teens who otherwise might not think about the dangers and consequences driving can bring. Through hands-on lessons, teens then become safer drivers who – hopefully – will never be placed in life-altering situations thanks to the education they received during the Street Survival school.

Carley Rarick, who took the Street Survival course nine years ago, is the perfect example. “I was just 16 years old at the time, so I was fresh on the road,” Rarick says. “I’ll never forget this course – it was so fun! My favorite part was driving in and out of the cones with the goal of avoiding hitting them – which I was a pro at.”

Nearly a decade after taking the teen driving school, Rarick is still singing the praises of the program. “This course has impacted me positively today by allowing me to be more aware of my surroundings, and possible cautions on the road and how to avoid them,” she explains.

Rarick’s is not a dramatic story of crash avoidance. Rather, her experience perfectly illustrates the success of a program that instills greater awareness and knowledge behind the wheel.

All SCCA Regions are encouraged to host Tire Rack Street Survival teen driving schools. Interested Regions should contact the Tire Rack Street Survival Coordinator Melanie Murray at StreetSurvival@scca.com.

Help SCCA Foundation, Help Street Survival

A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, SCCA Foundation’s mission is to support the Sports Car Club of America by providing inclusive opportunities for motorsports competition, safety, education, and historical preservation.

Donations from Club members empower SCCA Foundation to continue efforts such as the Tire Rack Street Survival program, which offers life-saving advanced driver training for teens. Your donation will help the Foundation grow this crucial and life-saving program. There are also opportunities for additional corporate sponsor participation.

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Photo by Gregory Pfaff