Track Night: Big Numbers, Big Savings, Big Fun

Numbers are boring, amiright? Who cares about statistics when you could be at the track ripping ‘round corners? But numbers can be exciting. For instance, 130 is a thrilling number when you realize that’s the speed you were hitting on the back stretch. And 200? How pumped were you when you moved your braking point from the 300-foot marker to the 200 point? The adrenaline’s probably still pumping from that one. But while those numbers are fun, right now, ‘tis the season – which means the weather says t’ain’t the season for track time. So let’s pause for a moment to look at some of the numbers that arose during the 2023 SCCA® Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack season.

When we’re done with that, we’ll show you how to save some very important numbers – the ones that are in your bank account – and give you a taste of when Track Night will crank up in 2024.

Numbers That Impress

First, what is Track Night in America? This link will tell you, but in a nutshell, it’s the easiest, most affordable, and funnest (admittedly, that’s not a word, but neither are “amiright” and “t’ain’t”) way for anyone to get on a racetrack in their street car with little more than $170 and a helmet. (Important note: SCCA members save $20 per event, so join now!)

Want to live your dream? Track Night’s the answer. Want numbers to back that statement up? We’ve got ‘em:

9 = The number of years since Track Night in America launched. The first event was held in 2015 at Atlanta Motorsports Park on April 7, 2015.

48 = The total number of tracks Track Night in America has visited throughout the last nine years.

1,128 = How many events has Track Night in America hosted at those 48 tracks? More than 1,000.

70,920 = This is how many entries Track Night in America has welcomed during those 1,128 events.

People Who Make It Happen

Want another number? How about 145. This is how many current Track Night in America team members work events alongside volunteers and Region ambassadors.

These team members come from all walks of life inside the SCCA family. Some are former or current SCCA program competitors, others are leaders in their home Regions, and one is even a former Chairman of the SCCA National Board of Directors.

One thing everyone involved in the organizational side of Track Night has in common is that they love introducing people to the SCCA family and helping them fulfill their dream of having #funwithcars.

Want to join their ranks? Fill out the Track Night Team Staff Application.

Partners That Save You Money

Track Night in America is “Driven by Tire Rack” – as such, without Tire Rack, Track Night events wouldn’t be as awesome. The same holds true for Hawk Performance, which sponsors the Novice Experience during every Track Night event.

What other companies are involved in making Track Night the amazing program you can’t get enough of? There’s Hagerty, Sunoco, KONI, GoPro, Mazda, Grassroots Motorsports magazine, and Goodyear Footwear, to name a few. (Find out more about Track Night’s partners here.)

Savings You Can Have Right Now

If you’ve ever paid full boat for a Track Night in America entry, you’ve not been trying. Savings opportunities arise throughout the year thanks to Track Night partners, so keep your eyes peeled to to save big bucks on your next track adventure.

Looking to start saving right now? Hawk Performance has a holiday promo for SCCA members looking to save on Hawk products. This holiday season, use the promo code 23HAWKSCCAHOLI10 when ordering on Hawk Performance’s website to save 10 percent on your order (offer expires Dec. 31, 2023).

Another way to save is to shop for your Track Night gear at the Track Night Safety Store. This is a curated online store that offers everything you need at prices that won’t break the bank. And right now, you can save 10 percent on helmets and receive a free helmet bag with your order.

You can also spread the love by gifting someone a Track Night gift certificate.

Anticipation of the Coming Season

The 2024 Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack schedule will be available soon (we’re aiming for mid-January), so stay tuned…

Photos by Kirk Myhre/MC Motorsports Design, Andy Shultz, and Tradd Slayton