’23 Brunswick ProSolo Fast Notes

The Aug. 11-13 Tire Rack SCCA® Brunswick ProSolo® in Maine was the 11th of 12 events on the 2023 ProSolo calendar, which means the only remaining event is the current and future King – the Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo Finale on the eve of the Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships in Lincoln, NE. To no surprise, the Brunswick event held up its end of the bargain with hotly contested action and numerous popular winners.

It was a successful ProSolo debut for both the New England Region, who despite significant on-track success from its members has never hosted a ProSolo, and for the Brunswick Executive Airport, which was also hosting its first event. The weather did its part, too, with the rain mostly overnight on Saturday (though the Super Challenge was more than a little damp).

The Howard Duncan ProSolo Greenlight Fund allows two drivers from the host Region of a ProSolo to attend their first ProSolo. This weekend, NER members Jesse Deupree and Liam King were able to join in on the ProSolo shenanigans. Deupree was piloting his beautiful Caterham HPC 7 in R1, while Liam King was behind the wheel of an XP-indexed Miata in Bump. Liam also jumped in to help work the Super Challenge after another worker had to leave.

Donations made to the SCCA Foundation, which makes the Howard Duncan ProSolo Greenlight Fund possible, can be earmarked for the Greenlight Fund here.

Class Results

The key to a successful motorsports venture in any form is often seat time, and for Katie Barrett, that “time” was apparently one day. Barrett found some major speed on Sunday to leapfrog Holly Schwedler and Tamra Krystinik for the win in L1 in her first time driving an ESP-classed BMW M2.

From last to first was the story for Ken Roller this weekend, as he cleaned up some red light and DNF troubles that left him at the bottom of the sheet on Saturday morning. Roller chipped away, and finally laid down a right side run that put him 0.042sec ahead of Mark Daddio in the deep Bump class this weekend.

Rich DiMarco put an exclamation point on his STS victory with a final right side run that helped him to a 1.318sec victory over Derek White. DiMarco also earned Super Challenge Top Qualifier honors, capping an impressive driving weekend.

Complete event results can be found by clicking the link below.

 Class Results

Challenge-ing Finish

Bonus Challenge: Brian Kuehl drew into the Bonus Challenge in his SMF-classed Honda Civic out of the Street 1 index, then took advantage of cone and red-light issues from the competition to take the Bonus Challenge, with Paul Krysiak finishing second in his EP-classed Civic in the Bump class. As Kuehl and Krysiak pulled up to the line, it was hard not to notice the 33-year difference between Kuehl’s 2018 Civic and Krysiak’s 1985 Civic.

Ladies Challenge: Sometimes a Challenge win takes a little bit of luck, and sometimes it just takes time. After 15 years of competition and multiple successes, Hilary Anderson earned her first Ladies Challenge victory after a class win in Ladies 2 driving a B Street Toyota Supra. Anderson topped Katie Barrett for the victory and the points.

Super Challenge: After earning the top qualifier through class competition, DiMarco held serve and rolled through the Super Challenge bracket for his second career victory. Already driving at the top of his game, DiMarco got another boost when François Langelier caught a red light in the finals to earn the right to spray the Mazza Sparkling Wine on the podium.

Headed To Lincoln

All autocross roads lead to Lincoln, NE, and the Sept. 1-3, 2023, Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo Finale. Get the info on the event here, and keep an eye on SCCA.com for an event preview and coverage as the event takes place.

Photos by Ryan Lower